Tuesday at Swing Central

Charleston and Lindy Hop dance classes in Reading, Berkshire on Tuesdays

Classes at Redlands Parish Hall, Erleigh Road, Reading

Tuesday Evening Timetable 7.45 to 10.15

Take a single class or a combination

7.45 pm Charleston 

8.15 pm Lindy Hop Level 1

9.15 pm Lindy Hop Level 2

A thirty-five minute session for just £3.  Join on any week. 
This works as an exercice session and as a dance class and you can tackle the content at your personal energy and fitness level - we will show you how.  We will work on Charleston and some other jazz steps, creating a short sequence each week: over time you will gradually  master a wide vocabulary movement.  We will also spend time showing you how these steps can be danced with a partner.  This class is a great way to develop general dance ability.  It can aslo be used to prepare you for Lindy Hop.  Combine this class with Lindy Hop Level 1 for just £5.

Lindy Hop
Level 1 Lindy Hop is a 60-minute session.  Join on one of our regular start dates to learn  the basic  elements that will  get you started.
Level 2 Lindy Hop can be taken as soon as you are ready and we will encourage you to have taste of Level 2 when appropriate.
Up-coming start dates for new Lindy Hop beginners are: 3 Mar, 31 Mar, 28 Apr, 2 Jun.
The Link for booking your Lindy Hop introductory offer is available below - just £15 for four consecutive weeks.

The Level 1 Lindy Hop cost is £5 pay-as-you go which also covers the Charleston class if you wish to take both.  Or use the introductory discount of  just £15 for a 4-week block of Lindy Hop Level 1 only starting on the dates listed above.
The Level 2 Lindy Hop cost is £7 pay-as-you go (after completing at least 4 weeks of Level 1 classes).  This price covers you for the whole evening, including Charleston and Level 1 Lindy Hop.

Venue Details

These classes are held at at St Luke's (Redlands) Parish Hall, Erleigh Road, RG1 5LR.  This lovely listed building has a wood floor and is maintained to a high standard. 



Just off the A4 London Rd, close to the Royal Berks Hospital and Reading School. 
From Kings Rd come via Eldon Rd.
From the A4 London Rd take Alexandra Rd.
From Wokingham Rd follow Crescent Rd.
From Shinfield Rd come via Elmhurst Rd.
In addition to regular bus services there are four options for free car parking at the hall and in the immediate area through our local agreements.  The Parish Hall is 100 yards from the intersection with Alexandra Rd, between the Royal Berkshire Hospital and Palmer Park.  SEE MAP ABOVE.


Option 1  There is some off-street parking between the pavement and the hall. It's a little awkward to access and limited. (You may not park beside the church, only beside the hall.)
Option 2  The car park of Pembroke Surgery is on Erleigh Rd just across from the hall and we have permission to park from 6.30 pm to end of class - never overnight.
Option 3  Berkshire Healthcare at 25 Erleigh Rd has a large car park 2 mins walk away at the junction with Alexander Rd and we have permission to use their large car park from 7.00 pm to end of class - never overnight.
Option 4  Erleigh Rd has on-street parking in the section towards Reading Grammar School and the Royal Berks Hospital (near Option 3).

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