Frequently asked questions about Jive Cats

Q. When can I join a class?

We offer regular start dates for new beginners. 
We offer multi-week packages to get you up and running:here is a link to the bookings site. 

It's good to begin with some consistent attendance even if you can't make it every week due to a busy life.

If you want to start on a more flexible basis.
If you are an experienced dancer wanting todo more than the Essentials session.
If you have any doubts or questions not answered on the class page.
There is a form on the page for each class.

We also have offer services customised to your needs, including private tuition.

Q. What should I wear?

The most important thing to wear is a smile - it will make your dance partner very happy.

Next you need shoes that allow you to turn easily on the ball of your foot: they should be secure and comfortable with a smooth sole. 

It is not an exercise class so please wear clothes suitable for a casual social gathering.  Clothing layers are a good idea so that you can adjust to suit the weather and the energy that you are burning. 

If you are exerting yourself, especially during warm weather, then a small sports towel can help you to stay fresh.  It goes without saying that personal hygiene is important. 

Please bear in mind that some jewellery or any 'loose' clothing may create difficulties when partner dancing.

Q. Do I need a partner?

It's good if you have someone to come with you to the class and to practice with between classes but it is absolutely NOT REQUIRED.  About 70% of our students are couples who come together.

We seek a good balance between 'leaders' and 'followers'.  Sometimes two females attend together to form a dance couple.

Q. Do I need to be very fit?

Dancing is a pleasant way to exercise safely and at your own pace, improving your balance, posture and agility.  It's even good for your brain. Our social events have dancers aged from their 20s to their early 70s (although most are 40 to 60), all enjoying the positive impact of dancing.

You control how much energy you want to use.  We will never push you to over-exert yourself.  If you have a physical limitation you should work within that limitation and we can often give advice on how to modify what we are teaching to suit you.

Q. How can I practice what I learn?

In addition to practice during each class, we offer a wide range of opportunities for social dancing so that you can expand you social circle, enjoy great music from live bands and DJs and play with what you have assimilated in the class.

Q. What is Jive Cats conduct policy?

We think that grown-up common sense informs most of us about what is appropriate behaviour.  We are determined to have a welcoming, friendly atmosphere where other people are treated with genuine respect.  We are pleased to say that we have almost never needed to take any action in this regards as we seem to get nice people coming to our classes.  Maybe it's something about the music!