Jive Classes

We are offering socially distanced Jive classes for couples.

Booking is required for these special dance sessions.

The continuation of this program is dependent upon your support and adherence to Covid 19 measures to protect everyone's well-being.


Jive classes at this lovely venue require booking for each date.  This ensures that we manage a safe level of attendance, avoid use of cash payment and collect contact details as required for reporting if any attendees become Covid positive.

Wednesdays 8.00 pm to 9.30 pm starting from 19th May.

Class Description.  
Up to 6 couples will each be allocated a space to dance in: this is in order to maintain social distance.  That means no mingling or partner swapping.  You will need to wear a face mask (without vents) ; this is to protect teachers and fellow dance students.  Because of these constraints the class will be suitably paced so as be be enjoyable and not cause you to feel breathless.  
These special classes are suited to beginners and improvers plus those looking to revise and revive their Jive. 

Cost and Bookings - see application form.   
Weekly Cost:   £16 per couple

Apply and we will ask you to agree to the Covid precautions before paying.  
Prompt payment will then secure any place offered.  
All bookings require your personal details so that we can contact you about your application AND so that we can respond to any requirements for contact tracing: your details will not be used for any other purpose nor retained beyond their usefulness for this purpose.

Promoting Safety For Everyone.  
Joining a class at this time we all need to able to trust one another not to attend if you have any symptoms or other reasons to think that you should be isolating such as a positive test in your household.  Please remember to observe social distancing before entering, including in the car park, or all safety efforts can be undermined.  In addition to the distancing, etc. described above we require you to use hand sanitiser on arrival and to avoid touching surfaces in the hall as much as possible.
We shall provide suitable wipes which you may use on any surfaces that you need to touch when using the toilet facilities.  The kitchen will not be available to use and so we strongly advise you to bring liquid refreshment with you.   We cannot offer guarantees against infection although we are putting these precautions in place.  
The onus is on each of those attending to contribute to protecting the group through these measures.

Couple's Application for Distanced Jive Classes in Spencer's Wood

These classes are for couples so that social bubbles are maintained in line with required Covid precautions.  The applicant needs to submit details for both of you and we may check the details before confirming any booking.


Getting to Spencers Wood Village Hall, Basingstoke Rd, RG7 1AP

These classes will be held in a well maintained historic building with a great sprung dance floor.  On Reading's southern edge, Spencer's Wood is 2 minutes drive from the M4.  Immediately south of Three Mile Cross follow the old Basingstoke Rd and at the brow of the hill you will find the hall.  It sits between the village church and the Farriers Arms with parking both on-site and on Clares Green Rd.