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Teaching Jive and Swing in the Reading area from 1990, bringing enjoyment, entertainment, exercise and extra friends to thousands of novice dancers.

Also offering wedding choreography, tailored private and group tuition, fully equipped vintage music DJing and social dance events.

Debra’s long-running contribution to an enduring 1950s-style jive scene stimulated the creation of Reading Rock and Roll, a regular social dance gathering that is soon to celebrate 30 years or existence.  New people are discoverjng these fun, welcoming events each month, encouraged by our friendly, regular classes.  You don’t need a great talent or a vintage look to join in and make new friends.

It didn’t take long for Debra to discover Lindy Hop, the 1930s /1940s Swing dance that is the basis of Jive and in 1994 she began bringing dance teachers and bands to the area to spreading a joyful dance which had almost faded away with the original generation of swing dance innovators.  Debra and John were members of the Lindy Circle (London-based) performance troupe and performed at national and local events along with leading Lindy Hop innovator Frankie Manning and other leading international dancers.  Lindy Hop can be danced to many tempos and works well for Jazz, Jump Blue, Rhythm & Blues and Rock ‘n’ Roll.

Debra met John in 1996 and they soon became regular dance partners.  Together they have traveled widely to learn from some of the very best international dance teachers available.  Now a married couple, they share a great passion for spreading the joy of these dances, ensuring continuing generations of Jive and Swing dancers for Reading, Wokingham and across Berkshire.

Do yourself a great favour and get dancing by joining one of our regular beginners’ classes.  Dance opens the door to so much fun and we love to play our part by fostering a welcoming, supportive atmosphere at our classes and organising regular high quality social events, often with live bands, so that your move from class to club can be seamless.

In addition to our constantly evolving programmes of regular classes we also offer:

Vintage DJing Services for parties, functions and public events.
Tailored teaching experiences for groups, events and companies.
Personal tuition, including starter lessons and wedding choreography.
Dance displays for public and corporate events, often paired with large-scale fun classes.
Contact us to explore your options for these additional services.

We also promote regular. high-quality dance events, many featuring live bands.

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